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Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc.
Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc.

Condition: Used

Vinyl: VG+++

Cover: NM


Original Canadian pressing. Orange and black labels. Vinyl is VG+++ with a couple of hairline marks, no scratches plays EX. Cover is NM, all corners NM. on Fringe.


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Dead Kennedys: The Revolutionary Voice of Punk Rock

Punk rock has always been a genre that challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries of society's norms. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a band emerged from San Francisco that embodied this rebellious spirit like no other - Dead Kennedys.

Formed in 1978, Dead Kennedys consisted of lead vocalist Jello Biafra, guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist Klaus Flouride, and drummer D.H. Peligro. The band's name was a shocking and controversial play on the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a symbol of the American dream and hope for a better future. This name alone set the tone for the band's provocative and politically charged lyrics.

From the very beginning, Dead Kennedys stood out in the punk scene with their unique blend of aggressive and fast-paced music, combined with Biafra's distinct and powerful vocals. Their sound was a mix of punk, surf rock, and even elements of jazz, making them stand out from the typical three-chord punk bands of the time.

But it was not just their music that set them apart; it was their fearless and unapologetic political stance. Dead Kennedys were not afraid to speak out against the injustices and hypocrisies of society, often targeting political figures and institutions. Their lyrics were sharp, satirical, and thought-provoking, tackling issues such as consumerism, government corruption, and the dangers of blind patriotism.

One of the band's most famous songs, "Holiday in Cambodia," is a scathing critique of the Vietnam War and the American government's role in it. Biafra's lyrics, "You'll work harder with a gun in your back for a bowl of rice a day," perfectly encapsulate the hypocrisy of a country that claims to champion freedom and democracy while exploiting and oppressing other nations.

Dead Kennedys' music was not just a means of rebellion; it was a call to action. The band encouraged their fans to question authority and think for themselves, rather than blindly accepting the status quo. In their song "California Über Alles," they mock the idea of a utopian society promised by California Governor Jerry Brown, warning listeners of the dangers of blindly following a charismatic leader.

But it wasn't just their lyrics that made Dead Kennedys a revolutionary force in punk rock. The band was also known for their DIY approach, self-producing and self-distributing their music. They also refused to sign with major record labels, staying true to their anti-capitalist beliefs.

Dead Kennedys' live performances were also a sight to behold. They were known for their intense and energetic shows, with Biafra often incorporating theatrical elements such as wearing costumes and using props to further convey their message. Their shows were not just concerts; they were political rallies, inspiring their audience to take a stand against injustice.

Despite their short-lived career, Dead Kennedys left a lasting impact on the punk rock scene and beyond. Their music and message continue to resonate with new generations, and their influence can be heard in countless bands today. They were not afraid to challenge the status quo and use their platform to speak out against injustice, making them true pioneers of punk rock and a revolutionary voice in music.



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