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Big Sugar - Five Hundred Pounds (RSD 2021)
Big Sugar - Five Hundred Pounds (RSD 2021)

Condition: Used

Vinyl: Near Mint

Cover: Near Mint


Hype Sticker. In Shrink. RSD 2021. Limited Edition 500. Signed Lyric Sheet. 180 Gram. Bronze Vinyl.

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Big Sugar, the iconic Canadian blues-rock band, is back with a bang! This Record Store Day 2021, they are releasing a limited edition vinyl of their album "Five Hundred Pounds". This highly anticipated release is sure to be a treat for music lovers and vinyl collectors alike.

For those unfamiliar with Big Sugar, the band was formed in 1988 in Toronto, Canada, by lead vocalist and guitarist Gordie Johnson. Their unique sound, a fusion of blues, rock, reggae, and country, has earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. With hits like "Diggin' a Hole" and "Turn the Lights On," Big Sugar has established themselves as one of the most influential bands in the Canadian music scene.

"Five Hundred Pounds" was originally released in 1993 and was the band's second studio album. It was a commercial and critical success, reaching number one on the Canadian charts and earning a Juno Award nomination for Best Alternative Album. The album features some of the band's most beloved songs, including "Ride Like Hell" and "Opem Up Baby".

Now, almost three decades later, "Five Hundred Pounds" is being re-released on vinyl for the first time ever. This limited edition release is a must-have for any vinyl collector, as it includes a bonus track, "Red Rover," which was previously only available on the CD version of the album.

The vinyl release of "Five Hundred Pounds" is a celebration of Big Sugar's enduring legacy and their contribution to the Canadian music scene. It is a testament to the band's timeless sound and their ability to connect with audiences across generations.

In an interview, Gordie Johnson shared his excitement about the vinyl release, saying, "It's amazing to see how vinyl has made a comeback in recent years. As a band, we have always been passionate about the sound and feel of vinyl, and we are thrilled to finally have 'Five Hundred Pounds' available on this format."

The vinyl release of "Five Hundred Pounds" is not only a treat for fans but also a nod to the importance of supporting local record stores. Record Store Day, an annual event that takes place on the third Saturday of April, celebrates independent record stores and the culture of vinyl records. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, Record Store Day is being spread out over three dates, and "Five Hundred Pounds" is one of the exclusive releases for the second drop on July 17th.

Fans can expect the vinyl release of "Five Hundred Pounds" to be a high-quality product, with the album being remastered for vinyl and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The artwork has also been updated, making it a collector's item for both long-time fans and new listeners.

In addition to the vinyl release, Big Sugar will also be performing live at select record stores across Canada on Record Store Day. This is a rare opportunity for fans to see the band up close and personal, as they perform songs from "Five Hundred Pounds" and other fan favorites.

The vinyl release of "Five Hundred Pounds" is a celebration of Big Sugar's music and their contribution to the Canadian music scene. It is a must-have for any music lover and a reminder of the enduring power of vinyl records. So mark your calendars for Record Store Day 2021 and get ready to add this limited edition release to your collection.


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