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Dead Kennedys - Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape
Dead Kennedys - Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape

Condition: Used

Vinyl: VG++

Cover: Near Mint


Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape - San Francisco 1978

Hype Sticker. In Shrink. BF RSD 2018. Limited Edition 2000 copies. Some very light sleeve scuffs. Excellent copy!


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In the world of punk rock, the name Dead Kennedys holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Known for their politically charged lyrics and high-energy performances, the band rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s, leaving a lasting impact on the punk scene. And now, over 30 years after their initial formation, the Dead Kennedys are still making waves with the release of their Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape vinyl LP in 2018.

For die-hard fans of the band, this release is a long-awaited treasure. The Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape was recorded in 1978, just a year after the Dead Kennedys formed in San Francisco. The band was still relatively unknown at the time, but their raw energy and unique sound were already evident in these early recordings.

The LP features 11 tracks, including some of the band's most iconic songs such as "Kill the Poor" and "Holiday in Cambodia." What makes this release even more special is the fact that it captures the Dead Kennedys in their early days, before they had fully developed their signature sound. This gives fans a glimpse into the evolution of the band and how they became the punk legends they are today.

But the story behind the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape goes beyond just the music. The recording itself is a piece of punk history. The studio, located in San Francisco's Mission District, was a popular spot for many punk bands in the late 1970s. It was run by a man named Jello Biafra, who would later become the lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. Biafra also co-founded the iconic punk record label Alternative Tentacles, which released the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape in 2018.

The LP is not just a re-release of the original recording, but a carefully curated and remastered version. The sound quality has been improved, giving fans a clearer and more dynamic listening experience. The vinyl itself is a beautiful red and black swirl, with the iconic Dead Kennedys logo emblazoned on the center label. It's a collector's item that any punk fan would be proud to own.

But the release of the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape also sparked some controversy. Some fans questioned the ethics of releasing a recording that was never meant to be heard by the public. The band addressed these concerns in a statement on their website, explaining that the recording was never intended to be a secret and that they wanted to share it with their fans.

Despite any controversy, the release of the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape has been met with overwhelming excitement and praise from fans and critics alike. It's a testament to the enduring legacy of the Dead Kennedys and their impact on the punk rock genre. And for younger generations who may not have been around during the band's heyday, this release offers a glimpse into the early days of punk and the DIY spirit that defined the movement.

In conclusion, the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape vinyl LP is more than just a re-release of an old recording. It's a piece of punk history that captures the raw energy and evolution of one of the most influential bands in the genre. It's a must-have for any Dead Kennedys fan and a reminder of the band's lasting impact on the world of punk rock.




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